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On December 26, 2015 LDL Paranormal Investigated the Lighthouse at St. Simons Island, Georgia and later that day Christ Church just down the street. We have investigated the lower property and the surrounding area on 5 different times posting our videos here on LDLTV. This time we went to the top of the lighthouse at about 11:30 am. December 26, 2015 and recorded about 15 minutes with a P-SB7 and our JVC  HD 1080 cameras. The results were much better than before with several voices that back up the claim that Frederick Osborne, the Lightkeeper in 1880 was shot by John Stephens in 1880. We also have one reference to  a woman named Lisa Register who leapt to her death off of the Lighthouse in 1999. The EVP Says "Lisa Face First" which would presumably how she landed and died. The Lighthouse remains as an incredibly cool place and the EVPS we capture are only a few of what LDL Paranormal hopes to capture in the future. Please go to www.Stsimonslighthouse.org for more information and a tour of the lighthouse.

St. Simon's Island LightHouse Ghost of Frederick Osborne
Christ Church of Frederica is located at the opposite end of the St Simons island. It is an Episcopal Church Founded in 1736. The Cemetary is all around the Church itslef and is open to the public during the day. We investigated at Night Dec. 26, 215. The 5:39 point has the coolest over the air EVP from two men.
Check out the All New MarinoBus Uno Spririt Box
The Ghost of James J.S. Jim Peterson (1874-1941) Lives in Brunswick, Georgia on Gloucester Street
 Watch our Most Compelling Investigation Ever from Sept. 2, 2012 at a House on Rt 41 in White Springs, Florida


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August 5, 2012  - The First Investigation for LDL was on 8/5/12 in the Rt. 41 White Springs, Florida home. We, for the first time heard the name "BISCHOP". Not knowing who or what that was, the voices acted as if they had been waiting years to be heard.  This was just  amazing for us.

September 2, 2012. This is the most infamous video from LDL paranormal 100,000 plus views on Youtube has made it an international hit. This is the long full version of that edited video. There are 100+ class A EVPs from several spirits including Michael C Bischop who disappeared while livingf in the home on historic RT 41 back in 1911. Listen and watch as orbs, shadows and incredibly clear EVPS happen.

9/212  RT 41 White Springs FL  Home 9/2/12

November 24, 2012   After the two previous investigations we contacted Laverne Tornow from the Florida Gen Web Project. She looked up records from Hamilton County, FL  and found that a man named Michael Bischop lived in this house and went missing in 1911. Our evp's indicated that someone might be buried under the house, one in fact said that he was buried under the living room. on Nov 24th 2012 we did a live on air dig of the space below the porcg. During this we also did several EVP Sessions. We found no remains but there's still more to investigate as the property is large.

The Only Paranormal Group that does all of their investigations Live worldwide on UStream and Youtube

8/5/12 - White Springs Florida Home  on  Rt 41

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At LDL Paranormal we are dedicated to using the newest technologies to try and figure out what is really going on the paranormal world. While spiritualism has been around since the dawn of man , we are really in an infancy stage of true paranormal investigation. With new tools like the PSB-7 Spirit Box, HD and 4K Cameras, Infrared and Thermal as well as really cutting edge stuff like Huff Paranormals SCD-1 Software as are getting closer to the truth.

When we first investigated the haunted home of lead investigators Kenny Robert's mother we were on our way back from televisiing a Boxing match in Atlanta. We stopped  into the  1900's home located on historic US Rt 41 in  and pulled out the PSB-7 Spirit box for the first time ever. Within 5 minutes we had insanely clear Class A EVP's which were shocking. And from that point LDL APrnaormal was born and baptized into the paranormal investigation world.

From the Haunted House in White Springs, Florida to St Simons Island, GA LightHouse to the Villa de Palmetto  In Deerfield Beach, Florida LDL will investigate any place any time.

From then on LDLP took on several haunted locations from apartments to small homes to the infamous St Simons Island, GA Lighthouse  where the very famous spirit of the Lighthouse keeper Frederic Osbourne who died  there ine late 1800's spoke with us.


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